Sleepy Sundays: Strung


The chaos of the modern-day holiday season can leave us temporarily high-strung and packed with anxiety.

I’m lucky that even though this season I may have been this brand of high-strung, I’m strung together with people I love.

Do you get stressed out planning for holidays? Does your family or friends circle make homemade ornaments? 

Have a shining Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Strung

  1. The holidays always stress me out, even if I’m not celebrating. The tension in the air gets to me and the infernal Christmas music playing everywhere nonstop doesn’t help anything.
    But I will say that I love decorating and making delicious food for the holiday! That’s how I celebrate. 🙂

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    1. Ugh! You sound just like me. Isn’t it jarring sometimes? & You can’t avoid it because you feel the almost need to shop for a loved one or friend.
      Decorating is fun. 🙂 I describe it as a “happy tornado” in our home. We bake cookies for everyone here (Friends, neighbors, family) That’s how I stay sane through it all.
      Hope you have a pleasant holiday time, sweetness. xo ❤

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  2. My husband and I roll as low-key as I think it’s possible to be, so there’s little stress for us during the holidays. I suspect the quietude might be too much for many, but for us … it’s just perfect!

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    1. That’s the route my other half and I are trying to go. Every year though, it seems one of us gets roped into something…
      It’s my own fault.

      This year, though, we’ve finally taken it back! We are doing our own thing for once in a lifetime. Haha! (We may not get as lucky next year.)
      Either way I think our son is happier when it’s just the three of us. More quiet. Less chaos.
      I hope you & yours have a lovely holiday season. ❤
      Give those little ones all big hugs from us. xoxox

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