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Sleepy Sundays: Stasis

If you follow the CardCastles Instagram, then chances are you already saw this moment I captured that inspired the art further below.


It was a chilly afternoon when I snapped this photo. Right before this strange warm-up that’s seemed to have hit my area just ahead of winter.

I was amazed at how the sky was clearly showing signs of winter approaching, yet they were predicting near summer-like temperatures for the following week.

It all got me thinking about how busy some of us all are and how many emotions are flying around this season. The thought reminded me of a story I heard once of how a winter fairy would slumber in some form of stasis. She would bring the trees and the plants around her into this slumber.

So I decided to draw my own version of her, in both day & night variations.

Do the holidays have you feeling the need to recharge? Does the end of the year bring about a “start from scratch” attitude in you? 

Have a restful Sunday!

6 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Stasis”

Stasis is what I’d like to go into when the dark and the cold hit…except the cold hasn’t hit yet! I think when it does, I might struggle more! For now I’m just hanging on another 7 days til it can start getting lighter again!

Your fairy reminded me a bit of the Fantasia fairies. Very cool 🙂

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It’s funny you say that, Dianne. A friend just requested I paint it as a mural in her daughter’s room. I’m going to expand it & add little forest creatures and foliage. Then I just have to see if my schedule allows it.



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