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31 Nightmares: The 31st

Well, it’s strange that we got here so fast, but I loved every minute of this ride with you.

Today is the final nightmare of the

31 Nightmares



and I’d like to kick it off with a little something special:



With all that’s discussed in there (and I hope you view it, because it’s not easy for me to be the one on this side of the lens. I can be a pretty shy and private person. So you know if I’m getting up here and speaking about something it’s for a specific reason.)

I want to keep horror living on. Right now, it’s not one of the most popular written-about or searched topics on the internet. I’d like to change that. I’d discuss with some of my friends here how there wasn’t much horror written about amongst bloggers either, and there’s quite a bit of fiction out there.

People like me that have worked within this genre most of their lives don’t want to see it merely fade off and die. We don’t want to see it replaced by some big budget bang box office BS that’s barren-dry of content and just aimed solely at making money. You’ve heard me speak about this here many times before, like in Why Greed Breeds Bad Writing.

Wes was someone who revived this genre again and again. He was a true writer at his core, even before a director, but he was magnificent at both. He had a heavy hand and mind in special effects and how they worked. His genius is going to be sorely, achingly missed by so many.

Scream (Fan Art by Daydreams)
Scream (Fan Art by Daydreams)
I only hope we can carry on his legacy. Those of us that create and write and film; we need to do it. Now is the time. Those of us that love this genre and don’t want to see it die off only to be replaced by watered down nonsense leakage; we need to act now.

That is why I’ve shared my most intimate nightmares with you.

That is why I’m sharing something even more intimate with you—a chat. A little piece, albeit imperfect, a tiny sliver of my world.

I’d like to thank everyone that read, participated, commented, liked, shared on here and on social media. Special thanks to my guests, the very talented KilledByKangaroo, and [7/9/2017 : other former guest author name & content removed for violation of CardCastles Terms]


I give you…

My final nightmare.

The Mother
The Mother
(Click image to view larger version at the gallery.)
…and (of course) there’s a story behind this one too, but I’ll leave that one up to you.

Happy Haunts!
Thank you for joining me during this event, for all of your support both inside and outside of CardCastles, and for being such a wonderful group of people that I am thankful I get to share some of the largest inspirations behind my work with.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


This has been Day 31, the conclusion of 31 Nightmares.

Missed any?

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31 Nightmares

9 replies on “31 Nightmares: The 31st”

As frazzly (yes frazzly *haha*) as I looked, & imperfect & bad angles of my face & bad acne from a month of stress (from other unrelated things), it was a labor of love throwing that together for all of you.

It made me smile to already know that there are some of you out there that would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for watching, sweetness. *hugs*


I’ve had some wicked nightmares stemming from viewing certain movies as a child. But Nightmare On Elm Street haunted (and still haunts) my waking life. Metal scraping sounds, eek. Red and green sweater, Freddy. Can’t see an Elm St sign anywhere in the US without conjuring thoughts of the film. That’s is the sign of a classic work of art. I’m gonna miss the hell out of his work,

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A large portion of what drove me forward to write within this genre was the original Nightmare On Elm Street as well.

It is exactly how you said it, “a classic work of art.”
I’m glad there’s a lot of us that felt this way about him & his work. I only hope just as large of a portion goes on to create as well.
Talents like his are irreplacable, but I hope some people from my generation are inspired to continue on in the genre.

I’m convinced now more than ever that the ultimate goal of my writing should be…film. But that’s another story for another day..

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I think it will continue. When you have a body of work that’s influenced generation after generation of artists, it’s bound to live on.

I watched The Exorcist today and I was still shook by it. I LOVE this movie. But it gets under my skin like nobody’s business. There are a few recent films I feel this way about…but we could talk about this forever! 😉

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& You’re right too. It’s just sad we’re seeing less & less of these movies nowadays, and especially of that caliber. As you said, though, there are a few of those sleeper gems that come out of the woodwork. I’m always glad to see those.

I liked the first installment of the Insidious series. & I liked The Conjuring. Other than those, not much has wowwed me sadly.

I’m really liking some indie horror these days. There are surprises to be found there every once in a while.

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You mentioned two of my new faves Insidious (haven’t seen the new one yet) and The Conjuring. They are movies I have to gauge if I can handle watching. Some days I can, some days…lol

Well I’m a fan of Guillermo del Toro. I still get freaked out by the hand monster in Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before somewhere.

And also Mama, kind got to me. Wispy creatures lurking in dark corners making horrid sounds, catnip for my horror loving soul 🙂


Del Toro has got a great mind as well. Another man that fully understands what makes us scared.

I would’ve loved to see what he could’ve done for Silent Hill..but that’s an entirely different conversation.

P.S. Insidious is REALLY good..
& The Conjuring..well you know…that one just might scare the mess outta you but it’s excellent.



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