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31 Nightmares: The 23rd

If you follow CardCastles on social media, you may know it’s my birthday today.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for me to roll out a series of greeting cards/stationery concept I’ve been working on. I call it:

The Hallow’s Eve Divas® series

(Click any image to view slideshow carousel.)

I plan on adding more characters to it before the season ends. I’m gearing towards making my designs available for purchase again some time soon. Only time will tell what the future holds…

Thank you all for making this an amazing year. There have certainly been some ups and downs, but some truly remarkable things have taken place behind the scenes as well. You are seeing some of the effects all over the place. I promise it will only get better.

Thanks for riding with CardCastles for three beauteous years! & Thank you for your loving responses outside of the site about #31Nightmares so far. Your voices matter so much. You have truly made some magical dreams become reality.

I hope you enjoy these new characters. They will be added to my gallery shortly.

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 23


31 Nightmares

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