31 Nightmares: The 19th

Lost in a Forest
Lost in a Forest
For the 19th, I had slated a discussion about dreams and their effects. Then something amazing happened. I had one of those nearly heart-stopping, entrenching, physically draining nightmares.

& You know I just had to write about it. *& Certainly include the artwork here as part of the 31 Nightmares series. (Which by the way, thanks to you, has been getting some loving feedback.)

It was the kind of nightmare where you trust someone you shouldn’t, only to end up someplace you don’t belong. A place where you get lost. A place you fear you will never escape. I don’t mean that in just the physical sense. I’m talking about the possibility of your soul never escaping a place. It sounds like something you’d probably only read about in a story or see in some elaborate horror movie. In this nightmare, though, that concept was very real.

The woman in the painting was someone we ran across that was trapped in something called “the forest realm” and I think I’m going to work it into some more art later on down the road.

Happy Haunts!


This has been Day 19


31 Nightmares

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