31 Nightmares: The 18th

Today I have another special treat for all of you.
I say this because,

“Look everyone we have guests!”

CardCastles Blogger Spotlight

Mo Obseiyeh, a.k.a Mo Chocolate  is here to share a terrifying story with us about an urban legend hunt gone wrong.

Throughout my childhood and most of my teenage years, urban legend hunts and ghostly places were a common attraction where I lived. There were a lot of places said to have creepy lore attached to them that some claimed to be true. Mo and I share that sentiment, however, this story is about one of those experiences gone terribly, horribly awry.

Mo has been a friend to CardCastles for some time now, due to the fact that we move in similar circles. Mo himself is quite the celebrity, with a popular run on the much-loved PlayStation® reality show series, The Tester. Mo is from The Tester 2, respectfully, and now runs a successful YouTube channel , all while part of a team at the well-known gaming website, (and also friends to CardCastles,PlayLegit.

After reading Mo’s submission, I was inspired to create some artwork to go along with it. This collaboration pushed me to include this post as part of my #31Nightmares series. I think its important we acknowledge some monsters live among us. Sometimes evil lurks within the faces we see everyday. That thought makes this gelling of artistic minds the perfect inclusion to the theme of this series—nightmares.


by Mo Chocolate

It was another one of those cold, dark nights. It was the kind of night where you’re lucky to see anything aside from the moonlight. The trees and open field of grass are nothing more than a dark wilderness where I cannot tread; being inside this car and all. I forgot my phone back home. I couldn’t listen to music or play my mobile games to pass the time. So I just glance out the passenger side window and let whatever is left of my imagination take it from there. I could feel every bump for every uphill and downhill road we go on.

Pardon me when I say— it was not fucking easy.

My friend then turns up the radio to a point where I could feel my ear drums vibrating. You would figure with my displeased look, that he would have the common courtesy to turn it down. But as I would expect, he just smiles at me and rocks his head with the music. He takes one hand off the steering wheel and used the automated system to make the windows go all the way down and sticks his head out, rocking his head looking like a metallic super-Saiyan with his blonde hair flowing behind him. He yells,


Or at least I think that’s what he said. The blaring music and wind blowing in my face, he could have said “I’m a monkey’s bitch” for all I know. He takes another hit of his energy drink and sticks his head out the window again. He starts “head-banging”. Fluids were flying out from his can, hitting him in the face, and some spilling inside the car. I felt a splash on my cheek.

That’s what really set me off. I turned the radio off mid-way of him taking another shot of his drink and sure enough, that breaks his mood. Good. After he brings himself back into the car and push’s the window back up, he then looks at me in a displeased nature, still trying to swallow what’s left of that disgusting so-called energy drink he loves.

“Dude! The fuck?!”

I say nothing back. I lie back down in my seat looking out my passenger side window, taking in everything I can barely see.

“Oh I get it.” He says. “Look, I would be upset too, if I was in your shoe’s, but don’t kill my vibe like that. You’re the one who agreed to this, remember?”

All I hear are mumbles. Nothing hurts my pride more than knowing he is right. I face away from the passenger side window and look out the front window hoping maybe the moonlit sky will make me forget he’s right. He removed what was left of his drink off his lips and say’s with a snarky smile:

“I thought so. We’re almost there, so don’t go falling asleep on me.”

Its 2AM in the fucking morning, I thought. I’m normally in bed by 11PM for work in the morning. He knows this more than anyone else when it comes to my sleeping patterns. Why can’t he just absorb the fact that he is right and not rub it in my face. Yes, I need an energy drink ’cause I’m about to pass out.

Yes, I regret doing this deal. I’ve done some stupid things in my life, but this probably took the cake. The only thing that kept me from giving into my temptation, of calling the whole thing off, was that I needed the money. I wasn’t giving him the pleasure of knowing he won the bet and was right about me being tired, wanting to say “fuck this”, so we could go back home.

I then see a sign coming up saying we have 9 miles left in our trip and roll my eye. We’re almost there, my ass.

After what seemed like hours, we arrived at our destination. I can see the abandoned house over the hill as we drive up the path circling it. It’s funny really. I can’t say I’ve ever been this close. I would drive by this place so many times I never considered how big the actual house is. I see the smile on my friends face grow as we get closer and closer. Probably because he is either waiting for me to chicken out, and he gets the money, or the house was big enough to fit that massive ego of his.

After one final circle we drove up to the house. We then stopped right in front of it. I lean forward to get a better look, but the car’s roof cut the rest of the house off from sight. It was just that big.

My friend puts the car in reverse. He unlocks the doors. He looks at me with another one of his stupid smiles and says:

“We’ve arrived, princess. You may exit out of the pod bay doors now.”

He smirks.

I want to punch him in his face, so badly, just one punch to the gut, after another. Not sure how much longer my pride can take more of this from him. I face my door and start to pull the handle to open it but I stop. Do I really want to do this? I could just go back home right now and be back in my safe, warm bed in a few hours. But again, I need the money. This whole thing would never have happened if I never mentioned this house and its urban legend to this self-righteous douche, and the fact that I’m broke and behind on my bills.



Demons in the DarkBy Daydreams
Demons in the Dark
By Daydreams
You can visit Mo Chocolate on Twitter, Instagram, and of course, PlayLegit. & Don’t forget to hit up his YouTube channel. There’s such greatness there, much like my newest favorite, his Walking Dead Season 5 Review:

This has been Day 18 of

31 Nightmares


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