31 Nightmares: The 15th

The following is an original short story loosely inspired by true events, mixed with the nightmares of many. This is a work of fiction, psychological horror to be exact. Any likeness to any person, place, or thing is purely coincidental.


Well Enough Alone

Shea Dunham always was a bit odd. Most of her life operated on the outside of everyone else. She was a loner type; a misfit; a broken individual. None of this stopped her from carrying on. Though one cruelly cold autumn night, she began to question why she persevered at all.

The tiny apartment Shea lived in for most of her adult life sometime seemed like her only friend. Long days would turn into weeks, and there were times when sleep never found her. One night time seemed to stand still as noise from nowhere began to play with her mind.

Upon entering the tight kitchen area, Shea noticed that some of her appliances had been moved. How could this be? She pondered, over and over for about fifteen agonizing minutes. She had always kept everything in its specific place. How could it have moved? Who would disturb her belongings? How did they get in? Where are they now? Her mind quickly began to spiral, while slowly beginning its decent.

The bathroom-there had to be some clue in there. If not, at least it would bring her some peace. After all, the bathroom was her safe haven. It was far from the truth. The bathroom only brought about more madness once she stepped in. She gripped the shower curtain and yanked it sideways in a last ditch effort to hold onto her sanity. By this time, Shea was locked in place with terror. Her skin perspired. Her knees trembled and twitched. Her eyes began to well with tears. She tried to pull some bravery and glanced in.

There was nothing. Not a single sign of any human or otherwise. So she wiped her tears all the while shaking profusely. She moved back toward the kitchen and living room area where she also slept. There was never much room to spread out. As she moved, Shea got the distinct feeling someone was following her watching her every move. Her blood pressure started to rise. By now she was hyperventilating. “WHO ARE YOU?!” She called out. “WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” She demanded to know. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” She begged.

Shea curled up into a ball on her living room floor. She sobbed until her mind went completely dark. She completely physically and mentally shut down. This was her coping mechanism, learned long ago.

There was a loud sparking sound, a blue flash, and all the electricity abruptly cut out. Shea was awakened by a loud, yet low-pitched groan. The sound was inhuman. The sound went right through her, and it was getting louder.

The next morning, Shea’s landlord knocked to collect the rent. She pounded and yelled but Shea was not coming to the door. This was out of character for Shea. She rattled the doorknob in hopes to coax Shea out. There was no sound. She had no choice but to use her key and enter.

A panicky feeling began to come over her. Something wasn’t quite right. When she stepped in there was the swishing of running water off in the far end of the apartment by the only window in the little seedy place. What she discovered sent a painful shock through her system. The tub was filled with human blood but there was no trace of Shea. The only hint that she had been there at all was single solitary stuffed bear, face down in the crimson pool.  “I should have never left this one alone.” She muttered. She always was a bit odd.

© 2015 CardCastlesInTheSky in association with Snapping Turtle Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

This has been Day 15 of

31 Nightmares



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