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31 Nightmares: The 14th

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The last few days have been of the strange sort. One of the perks of doing what I do is I get to work all of that madness into my art. Two nights ago, Nightmare On Elm Street 3 came on TV, it being the Halloween season and all. I was reminded of why I started 31 Nightmares to begin with. I’m paying tribute to a man that has influenced my life and love of horror in such a titanic way.

The subtitle for that movie is The Dream Warriors. When we first moved into this apartment, that’s what we named our WiFi. People in our building still ask about that. It still has that name to this day. So I got to thinking, about exactly how much this man has meant and still means to me. I sketched away while I thought and this character started to form. The experience was almost trance-like. This is not the first piece in my arsenal where I felt like I channeled someone or something. In fact, you may remember the last time I described having this feeling.

Whatever the force behind it, mind or matter, I’m proud to add this to the collection.

This has been Day 14 of

31 Nightmares


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