Sleepy Sundays: Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind
Empire State of Mind

If you follow my private Instagram, or any of my other social media accounts (See sidebar), than you know about my trip to New York Comic Con yesterday. I got to meet a group of friends I’ve played videogames with online for over five years now. To say I had a great time is a drastic understatement.

For a brief time, I forgot about all of my problems, my issues, and everything else. For that block of time, nothing else mattered. I was a teenager again for a day. Since I’m very quickly approaching 30, this was a welcome feeling.

I already miss them. I already miss New York. Though, like I always say to New York when I leave it,

I’ll see you again, ol’ friend.”

Have you ever met your “online friend(s)” in “real life”? How was it?

Have a pleasant Sunday!

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