Art Horror

31 Nightmares: The 10th

The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth

Have you ever had a nightmare you were worried you wouldn’t awaken from? This piece of the series was taken from an old nightmare that has often been a conversation amongst friends. You know the ones I speak of. The nightmares you wake up in a cold sweat from; panting and terrified out of your mind.

The labyrinth is an old place that still comes up in my nightmares every once in a while. It’s a dank, drippy, cellar/industrial building-looking kind of place. In one of the nightmares, I met a woman my age who was trapped there too. She was crying and I helped her escape, and then I was severely injured by the entities that dwelled there. I never made it out. I only woke up screaming at the moment in the dream where I was almost killed.

I later turned it into a short story, and now, this artwork.

Have you ever had a “lucid dream” ?

This has been Day 10 of

31 Nightmares

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