31 Nightmares: The 9th

Flesh Wound
Flesh Wound

This piece was inspired by a very disturbing nightmare I had last year about being injured. I blended a few diverse textures to create the look of human skin. My apologies to those of you that may be a little on the squeamish side.

This has been Day 9 of

31 Nightmares

2 thoughts on “31 Nightmares: The 9th

  1. I was flicking through the channels last night (not something I often do, but I wasn’t feeling well) and I saw a movie. I think it was called Nightmares and it reminded me of you (don’t take that the wrong way – lol). It was actually quite a good movie as it was made up of interviews with eight people who had suffered ‘sleep paralysis’ all their lives. The things they had seen in this state were absolutely terrifying. I think the 3D shadow men were the worst. Yikes! At least I managed to sleep well after watching it 😉

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