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31 Nightmares: The 8th

For many years now, I’ve been close friends with another very talented artist, Mr. David Barnett. You may have heard his name mentioned here before on CardCastles due to some unfortunate events that took place a few months back. Today, thankfully, I get to show off some of his amazing talents instead.

Dave and I have been gaming buddies for some time now. We both work and play well together. (Sometimes, we play so well together…we even beat hackers.. Hint: My username on PSN is: TouchMyHeart.)

Back around 2008-2009, Dave (better known as KilledByKangaroo) created some masterpieces through LittleBigPlanet, a game that allows you to create your own levels and mini-games. He worked hard, and it showed when he formed his breathtaking tributes to another well-known video game franchise, Silent Hill.

Art & Screen capture by KilledByKangaroo
Art & Screen capture by KilledByKangaroo
He went on to create three more in this series as the years went on. Around 2010/2011 we collaborated on his Silent Hill 3 intro. (More on that below)

An Interview with KilledByKangaroo

What inspired you to create these amazing Silent Hill tributes on LittleBigPlanet?

As soon as I heard about LBP and what you can do in it, I immediately thought of making a scary level. Silent Hill Homecoming had come out around that time too and that game just made me want to replay the original Silent Hill. So I decided to try and see how close I could recreate Silent Hill 1 out of the tools LBP gives you. I only planned on making one Silent Hill tribute, but I had so much fun making it I immediately started on the sequel.


What does “artistic expression” mean to you?

To me its a way of letting people know who you are without personally meeting them. You’re giving them an idea about what your feeling and spreading your thoughts in a way that can’t be done by just telling them. With the Silent Hill tributes I’m sort showing how much the series has meant to me.


Which is your favorite tribute level?

There was one level on LBP2 that was a tribute to the Clock Tower games that I thought was brilliant. Out of all the tribute levels that I made though, I’d say my favorite is the Silent Hill 3 Intro. I have more fun making cinematics than the gameplay and I love how it has things that my friends did for me like the music sequencer by SevenIsACannibal and the “Lost Carol” vocals that you sang.


What was the most difficult task during these projects?

Trying to squeeze in all the ideas I had. The bigger you make something, the more detail you can put into it—but then you have to be careful that you have enough space for everything else. So it was difficult trying to decide which parts would be big with lots of detail and which parts would have to be smaller or cut out completely. I had to scrap some boss fights for the first SH tribute, but I really didn’t want to do that with SH2 so I had to make it work somehow, and that was very difficult.


Quite a few people love your work. What do you think it is they love about it?

I like to think its the attention to detail and the amount of content that was crammed into each project. I tried to do things that I haven’t seen many other creators do and I think people appreciate that.


I’d like to thank Dave for being a good sport and answering my prying questions while allowing me to feature his beautiful work here.

Here are two of his fan-favorite tributes:

Silent Hill 3 Intro ft. vocals by TouchMyHeart/(Daydreams) and music by SevenIsACannibal

(Yes, that is me singing there in the beginning. Who knew, right?)


Silent Hill 3: Lakeside Amusement Park Nightmare

I look forward to collaborating with KilledByKangaroo again in the future. I cannot wait to see what else we can create together. You can follow KilledByKangaroo in any one of these places:

YouTube: KilledByKangaroo’s YouTube Channel

Twitch: KilledByKangaroo’s Twitch Channel

Twitter: @KilldByKangaroo

LittleBigPlanet: KilledByKangaroo


This has been Day 8 of

31 Nightmares



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