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31 Nightmares: The 7th

The following is one of my favorite scenes in any movie—ever.

When I first dreamed up the idea of 31 Nightmares, Wes Craven and his body of profound work was the inspiration behind it. I decided to dedicate this event series as tribute to this wonderful man and all he has created in his short but meaningful time on this Earth.

This scene is from the original Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). It is one of the reasons I fell in love with these films and all they had to offer. When you watch the scene and see the transition between “reality” to the “nightmare realm” there is no doubt the hair on the back of your neck will begin to stand.

Wes understood horror better than most people. He knew what makes us scared and what buttons to push. This sequence is just one tiny example of his artistic genius.

Rest In Peace, Wes. You are greatly and deeply missed.


Video Source: YouTube

user: SpyWhoLovedHimself

This has been Day 7 of

31 Nightmares



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