31 Nightmares: The 5th

I’m going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming today. I’m putting a freeze on rolling out the artwork because there are 10 unique pieces in total and I want to space those out as not to bore you all to death. The rest of the nightmares are mixtures of writing, video, music, and more.

Today’s nightmare is a piece of poetry I’d normally toss. A friend convinced me to share it despite my best efforts to fight it. So here are some demons in taunting poetry form. Please excuse any graphic language.

How to Meet a Demon

He heard their whispers

He knows what they’re saying

Maybe it will break him up

And leave him pureed

Maybe he won’t come back this time.

Maybe he’ll stay.

They’re tired of hearing of darkness.

Though, that’s all he knows.

And it shows

Through his toes


He screams.

And they retreat.

This is how we always meet.

This has been Day 5 of

31 Nightmares


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