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31 Nightmares: The 4th

The Dark Inside
The Dark Inside
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Today’s nightmare has origins you probably wouldn’t expect. The monster we’re dealing with today is that of the one in the mirror.

You see, I created today’s artwork by using a very old image of an unlikely model—me.

I’ve seen this face before, but don’t be fooled by the fact that she’s the much prettier version. The spirit bound within is not the same is mine. Her eyes are hollow, and so is her inside. The very core of her presents the absence of a soul, and a replacement of something else. Something ancient, and evil.

I’ve seen this woman in my nightmares before. I fear she is what I’d become if I stopped caring. Right now she only haunts a twisted part of my dreams. Though, what I’ve realized from meeting her is we all possess this evil twin in some form. Sometimes the person we look at in the mirror, the one that stares back is finally happy. Other times, we don’t recognize that person at all.

Happy Haunts!

The has been Day 4 of…

31 Nightmares

5 replies on “31 Nightmares: The 4th”

It’s a scary thing. Sometimes that’s what wakes the light side up, though. Mine fight with each other like most everyone else. This one used to beat the crap out of the other one. The good witch has been winning for quite some time now, though. 😉

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