31 Nightmares: The 2nd

The Quietly Screaming Man
The Quietly Screaming Man (Click image to view larger version)

Warning: The following story shares graphic images of violence for the purpose of storytelling. Not intended for all audiences. Especially readers/viewers under the age of 18. All characters depicted in this story are simply the imaginings and nightmares of Daydreams. Any resemblance to any person or entities is purely coincidental.

Have you ever had a nightmare that stayed with you the entire day? This is a question I ask over and over to close friends old and new. The character depicted in today’s piece of this series was originally just that.

A while back, I’d written a story about the “Quietly Screaming Man” in detail. It was a short story but the nightmare that inspired him seemed like it went on forever. In the nightmare, I crossed paths with him in a dark hallway of some large stone structure. At first impression, he appeared to be the victim of some form of torture. His skin had been burned and cut in some places. He was not a creature, but a disfigured human.

He could not speak because his mouth appeared to have been burned off and there was scar tissue that had healed over where his mouth should be.

This didn’t stop him from trying to communicate with me. With every step I took, I could hear screaming in my head that I knew was coming from him. He was trying to send me a message, albeit telepathically. I got the vibe that he was a tormented soul. For whatever reason, it felt like he was barred from leaving this place. He sent me images, flashes in my head of the violent, devilish, unspeakable acts that happened upon him. My insides were so hurt from soaking up his pain that I let out my own scream. It was the kind of scream that was loaded with tears for ammunition. A painful scream; an aching scream.

I still think about him from time to time and wonder if he really exists somewhere. I had to put him in one of my stories, later on down the line when a family member gave me a writing journal. I sketched him and later illustrated the story. It still sits in a bin of archived writing that I try to keep with me no matter if I move from place to place.

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 2 of

31 Nightmares

6 thoughts on “31 Nightmares: The 2nd

      1. Ahw sweetie. It’s sometimes a curse isn’t it.. to feel so much and become infatuated with the smallest of things. I just recently learned what an empath was and then I was look ooooooh phew I’m not bonkers. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful Halloween. Much love from Holland 🙂

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  1. He sounds terrifying! You are a conduit and I’m glad he only came to you in a dream state 😉 I remember many years ago having a very long conversation in a dream with a young man who told me he had suicided. When i woke up in the morning I was completely exhausted. I don’t know what I would have done if he was a scary as your guy!

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    1. Food for strange thought: Coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, you are the 2nd person/close friend to describe me as a “conduit” this week.
      You guys got me feeling like a superhero or something. 😀 haha!

      Nightmares are known to physically drain you if they are particularly vivid & take place during the deep REM state.

      I would like to think you would have trusted him, like me. You have your instincts too. I’ve seem them in action before. 🙂 Sometimes we are drawn to people we can help. ❤

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