WARNING: Bogus Accounts

Greetings, dreamers.

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few bogus accounts floating around on the internet claiming to be affiliated with/part of this site.

There are a few on Facebook, which I am not (and probably never will be) a member of, and there are a few on listed under Google +.

Some sweet crusaders have reported these sites, but some are still standing.

To clear up any confusion, all official accounts associated with CardCastles are listed below.

Special thanks to the readers that brought this to my attention. Let’s hope this eliminates any further concerns.


6 thoughts on “WARNING: Bogus Accounts

    1. I don’t think these are related, but disturbing anyway.

      There is that slight possibility that concerns me, but I think they’re hiding behind the scenes for now. After all, I drew attention to them…



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