Autumna, the Goddess of Fall


Good morning, dreamers. Meet Autumna.

She is my newest creation. This is her first appearance and she’s a little shy. Be kind to her, she’s quiet but can be quite fierce.

Autumna was dreamt up in hopes that she can summon the fall season, complete with fall temperatures. (Well, that and someone requested her.) Chances are this is not the last you’ll see of her. I’m going to be working her into my fall collection somehow.

I still feel lost not selling my art on a day to day basis, but I can get used to this private client thing.

Are any of you self-employed? Is it as liberating as I think it is?

2 thoughts on “Autumna, the Goddess of Fall

    1. I think full self-employment is what’s in the cards for the future, Dianne. Only time will tell.
      Ah! & Thank you. I’m glad you like her. Your opinion is pretty much golden in this place. 😀 xoxox



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