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Sleepy Sundays: Rustic


By now my regulars here are accustomed to these little Sleepy Sundays posts. There are some new faces around here lately, though. I’m happy to welcome you and excited for the future ahead.

For those new to the site, here’s how we do Sleepy Sundays:

  • Myself or a guest chooses some form of art to display. (This can be art, music, video, poetry, etc.)
  • The story behind the art form being displayed is told in a short [but sweet] quick post format.
  • Sometimes a question is asked and we have a little discussion. Here, I lovingly refer to those as “coffee chats.”
  • These posts are done weekly, every Sunday morning, like the name suggests. More info here.

With all that said, there’s a neat story behind today’s piece. Hope you enjoy being a little scared your first time around!

This pattern piece was inspired by something devious. You’d be quite surprised at the source. I saw this color scheme, and a pattern like this one, within one of my most frightening and vivid nightmares.

I was with four other people I’d never met before and we were being chased by some crazed madman and two creatures. The creatures were like something you’d see in a Sci-Fi movie. The man had a vibe of average lunatic we see on the news everyday. We were in a wooded area and he chased us through to a large swamp by some disheveled home that looked like it was built in the 1800s.

We ran into the giant abandoned home in an attempt to lose the beasts chasing us. Upon inspecting the place, we realized it was falling apart. We heard the monsters enter. We split up and searched for hiding spots. As I searched for mine, I saw this as a wallpaper on the walls of one hallway. It was ripped and falling off, but I remember thinking it was pretty, and it seemed someone cared for this place at one time.

The monsters got a few of them. Two of us made it out. When I awoke from this nightmare, I was dripping sweat and scared out of my mind. It took me a few minutes to realize where I was.

Do ever have vivid dreams or nightmares? Do tell. You know I love a good coffee chat. 😉

Have a rustic ol’ Sunday!

8 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Rustic”

WOW – that’s a scary dream, but I think it’s awesome that you took something positive away from it. I know that when we dream about houses it’s actually looking at a part of our mind. Think of your mind as a house with different rooms and that’s where you are. Once you realise this, dreams where you are in a house become far more interesting. When you open a door you’re actually moving into another part of your mind. After reading your dream I picked up a few words – the place was “abandoned” and “falling apart” and it seemed “someone cared for this place at one time”. My thoughts are that you’ve been forced (or chased) into a place in your mind where you used to be (but didn’t want to return to consciously) and now you want to repair it and take the good things that are left there and make something beautiful out of them. When you think of it this way, it’s a little scary but also very uplifting that you’ve reached this point in your life. Also look at the numbers – 4 unknown people, 1 crazed person, 2 monsters – they all mean something.

I’m certainly not a dream interpreter, but I love looking into the imagery of dreams 😀

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Dianne – this is why I love you so much. You are awesome. I never quite looked at it that way. It’s an older dream, I had it in about 2008, but everything you said makes perfect sense for that time frame in my life.

That just made it even creepier almost! I do love the pattern, though. I got it pretty exact to how it appeared in the dream.

I have a feeling who the 4 & the one crazed person may’ve been a translation of, but the two monsters are a mystery. Hmm. I have a book called the “Dream Dictionary” that does what you just did – & now I may re-read it all night long. 😛

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I used to have a recurring nightmare about being on heathland in bright sunshine, with gorse bushes all around and bees buzzing, birds singing, and a tiny shed up a hill ahead of me. I was inexorably drawn to the shed, and as I walked through the door, the light changed to a harsh electric glare, and all I could see as far as my eye would go, were pyramids of stairs – five up and five down, carpeted in beige – in little piles stretching in every direction. Then I would hear a ‘click’ behind me, and turn to find the door not only shut, but disappeared, and five beige-carpeted stair-pyramids as far as the eye could see…and I’d begin running between the stairs, and up and down, and no matter how far I ran, I never came to the end of the stairs…and then the dream would fade.

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