Filtered vs. Unfiltered

These two images were sitting in my folder from a few days ago. Upon brainstorming for titles, a thought came to mind.

There’s been some new eyes on this place recently. Some more family members even found this place. I’ve heard many bloggers and site owners talk about feeling “filtered” in their writing, if they thought certain people would be among readers.

I always had a feeling the subject of filters might come up here and my answer is simply this:

I don’t feel the need to sensor myself for family, hackers, or whatever malicious (forgive my expression) asshole out there. You have all just been too kind and loyal to me for me to go and change things now. Why would I do that? So many wonderful opportunities have come directly from being somewhat spontaneous.

That’s my take on the matter anyway.

So that’s how these two daydreamy, cloud-gazing lovelies got their name. I hope you enjoy them. They go up to my gallery at Snapping Turtle Publishing soon. (Which also has some new additions!)

How to you feel about “filters”, verbal or otherwise? Do you prefer being filtered or unfiltered? Which of these photos do you like better?

Happy Friday!


11 thoughts on “Filtered vs. Unfiltered

  1. I have asked myself these questions many times throughout my life, not sure if I ever came up with a sustainable satisfactory answer. So I have been experimenting with finding a way to express myself using words that allow me to be true to myself while also respecting and understanding my audience. It’s certainly very difficult but I do think I have achieved some occasional success with it as well.

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    1. Balance does seem to be an underlying theme here. Thank you so much for your input.

      Sometimes I find that the writing has to be for us, & other times, I feel conflicted like I should hold back a bit.

      I think it’s something we all struggle with as writers. (Which is why it’s so interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.)

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  2. Verbal comes in handy at work and, hmm, oh yeah, when dealing with people at the supermarket 😀

    Picture filters I like only because I like to play with colors and such 🙂

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  3. I’ve slowly taken down filters… my tagline has always stated I offer ribbons of profanity, (when at home, I comfortably swear better than a truck driver), but I’ve only recently felt more comfortable inserting a little color here and there. I mostly learned to write about whatever the hell I want too. I like it like this. Enjoyed your post.

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  4. My relatives also hop on my blog from time to time. It does mean I don’t blog about everything. But I guess it keeps me decent too. However being paranoid as I am, I was recently made aware of how vulnerable blogging makes me. It will however not keep me from blogging honestly.

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    1. “Keeps you decent” I like that 🙂
      Perhaps it may have a similar effect on me, but once again – I shall not hold back either.
      You bring up such a valid point for all of us out there Serins. That’s why I love when you come here. I feel like I’ve watched you blossom as well too & was thankful to be a witness. I feel you’re experienced enough now to offer plenty of help to others with your tips & guidance.
      (I love when you do those blogging tips posts btw.) ❤
      Thanks for stopping in & coffee chatting with me. Happy Friday!! ❤

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