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Sleepy Sundays: Summer Street

Summer StreetSummer Street

Whenever I visualize August in my mind, memories and flashes of children playing and water hoses sputtering glide on through. This is probably due to the area I grew up in, where you could hear the echoes of kids laughing for miles in the summer. Sure there was the obnoxious horn, or the siren every once in a while, but we were too busy creating chalk art to hear much of it. Sometimes, if we’d get a brief thunder shower, the rain would create this neat speckled rainbow-effect on the pavement.

I designed this piece of pattern for a blanket/comforter in the early morning hours. Those little end-of-summer late afternoons were my inspiration.

Do you have any summer memories that stick out? Have you ever made chalk art?

Have a shining Sunday!

Random Thoughts & Fun FactsI miss being a business. I was selling my artwork and designs for almost two full years. Lately though, I’ve been confident there is so much more around the bend. I’m still designing pieces for home décor and much more because there is still a demand for my work, even without the store here. Who knows what the future holds…


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