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We Could Be Heroes

Today is my son’s birthday. In just a short while he’ll awaken and care about nothing more than presents, balloons, and party time. After all, he is a kid.

My son doesn’t yet understand how profoundly he’s effected all of our lives for the better. I’ve spoken many times on the subject both here and elsewhere. He still manages to shock me with his complex understanding everyday.

The little one and I often joke and talk about what we’d be like as superheroes. They are, after all, his favorite thing on the planet for quite some time now.

He once told me I reminded him of this awesome chick  one particular super-human-lady named Opal:

Opal is coincidentally my birthstone. The character herself is a “fusion” of two different people.

As the munchkin sleeps, and I sit here and prepare and organize, he still managed to get my wheels turning once again.


We are all capable of super-human feats. My son is a shining example of that himself. He has overcome odds stacked against him time and time again. Come to think of it, so have I. So have all of us. In a world full of so much ugliness, day in, day out, sometimes it takes super-human strength just to make it through.

I’ve seen powers in all of you when you change things for the better. When you organize a charity, brave through sharing a difficult story, help someone learn to read, and most of all, when you heal a broken heart.

Being a mother to this beautiful child has granted me a new perspective on life.

Happy Birthday, munchkin.

“We can be heroes, just for one day.” David Bowie

8 replies on “We Could Be Heroes”

Couldn’t agree more, Robert. We could all be a hero, even if just for one day. 😀
I’ve seen it myself, when someone makes a child smile, or someone does something as simple as share a kind word. They’re all heroic feats. It takes courage to be different. 😉

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Nothing is overkill here, Robert. 😀 Those kinds of rules simply don’t apply here. I’m always happy to see anyone bring up some relevant for discussion. Any thought or comment is always appreciated – so long as it isn’t hateful.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, anyone that steps into this little castle in the clouds is welcome to say things without fear of judgement. ❤️

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He is, dear. He really is. Since day one this little guy has had my heart. I’ll pass on the birthday wishes. He knows “a lot of people are saying Happy Birthday” to him today. 😀 😉


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