To Paint a Picture

I knew I’d have to lift the veil somewhat sooner or later. I’m just sorry it’s under these circumstances. It’s only appropriate I share this here as well since it’s a piece of me. It’s a shred of my story amongst many other CardCastles as you’ve come to know them.

I shared it with Stories because it was just so difficult to share – and I needed my friends there for support.
Thank you for staying with me every step of the way. & Thank you Rara for this amazing place you dreamt up to tell it from.

Since I’m somewhat of a private person, you probably won’t see me posting photos everywhere suddenly. & You still may not know some things, but a name, a story, an experience, hey, every day is a new day, right?

Stories that Must Not Die

WARNING: This story contains difficult topics such as suicide, loss, eating disorders, and cyber-bullying.

Lady Anonymous

My past came back to haunt me the other day.

I had predicted it many times before.

I’ve often pondered the day they’d track me down. What if they tried to restart all the damage caused way back when?


It started at a time in my life when I was most fragile. My mother had just died and I was at the cusp of my grief. Though, I didn’t know it, for at that point, I had gone completely numb. I would stay up for nights on end, not sleeping and chain-smoking. My fingers tapped away at 1,000 books that would never be published. I’d isolated myself from everyone, everything. Though, I didn’t notice.

When I didn’t…

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By Daydreams

Concept Artist

5 replies on “To Paint a Picture”

Some ppl powertrip on fear and weakness of others, they’re psychopaths. I’m so sorry you had to experience such a violation, online bullying is all about mind games b/c they can never really hurt you, unless you allow them (just like you pointed out).
I’m happy to hear you are so much stronger today, and have taken back u’r power!
Do what you gotta do in life, but know that you are loved, and together we can overcome anything. That much i know for certain! ❤ Dreamers unite. 😉

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