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Sleepy Sundays: Metamorphosis


Title: A Barren CreationLand | Title: Colorful CreationLand
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One of the aspects of life I’ve always been a bit mowed over by is its series of constant changes. Some shifts are not always for the better. I’ve had conversations lately that all seemed to revolve around a bunch of us friends being in a state of the funks. Despite all that, a small trickle of light has began to show its face.

Yesterday, my dear sister in souls, the great Rarasaur was released from prison. By now, you’ve all heard the story. My heart is filled with a little more joy this morning. This art was inspired by not just Rara’s journey, but the journey of a section of the collective blogosphere, and the several small journeys different parts of my life have gone on recently. Some really challenging and disheartening things have happened to me in the past few months, but finally – things are starting to look up.

So I crafted up these two pieces this Sunday, instead of just one.

The “Barren” piece portrays life without nurturing, life with sadness seeping in and taking over.

The “Colorful” piece portrays the same land but with love injected back into it. With that love everything begins to grow again and flourish.

I combined the two and called them “Metamorphosis” obviously representing the change from barren to beautiful.

Have you undergone a major change recently?

Have a colorful Sunday!


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