Sleepy Sundays: Firefly Dance

Firefly Dance Firefly Dance

Lately I’ve gotten back to reading in between projects. My joy source has recently been stepping outside with a great story and listening to the sounds of the summer night. This is the artistic equivalent to some of the images that have been in my mind the past few nights.

I’m still currently exploring options for the sale of my artwork. It’s been a bumpy road since I parted ways with my former employer. However, with the recent success of the gallery opening, and the unexpected request/sale for a unique piece of mine. the future looks bright. With the recent burst of interest in this place as well, the future looks even brighter.

If that’s not a reason to “firefly dance”, I don’t know what is.

When was the last time you danced like no one was looking?

Have a peaceful Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Firefly Dance

  1. I love standing in the yard at night when everyone else is sleeping. 🙂 For some reason, that’s when I feel I am mostly myself.

    As for dancing–well–I dance like crazy when no one’s looking any chance I get. Sometimes, I do it WHEN they are looking just to annoy them, lol.

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  2. This morning. I got out of bed and danced to Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride.”
    It was awesome.
    I’ve been thinking about you, and wanting to connect.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

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      1. I’m so freaking lame. I had no idea what a talented artist you are.
        You’re incredible! Do you know Hastywords? She makes art, too. I wonder what you two could cook up together?

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        1. P.S. Yes, I know of Hasty & her poetic excellence. I featured her blog here once, a while back. We probably would make a neat team. I know she’s an artist as well.


        2. I wish you could’ve saw it here a few months back when I was actually selling my artwork, but I decided to part ways with that company. They were screwing me in the long run.


          1. & one more thing, Magic Carpet Ride is a great song. 😀
            & You’re a sweetie. My art & writing are the only things I’m confident about. They mean a lot to me. For now I just made that gallery (recently) for viewing purposes only but some friends & family suggested I hook up with Etsy, Redbubble, or Target. Who knows what the future holds…

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