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A Cause for Celebration

Cloud Drifting

Today is the site’s 3rd year anniversary!

I cannot help but be excited with of all the new changes being added. You have all been with me every step of the way and I appreciate that, wholeheartedly. ♥️

The new home in the clouds was a partial gift from someone close, who knows how much this means to me. & I love them for that.
I am thrilled to celebrate this milestone with old friends and new faces, fresh eyes, and talented meetings.

You have helped make this place a significant location for Art Culture on the internet and I love you for that. Yes, you, my reading friend, my art lover, old or new.


Special Thanks:

Thank you to anyone that liked or commented on some of the music-related posts I’ve done in the past few years here on CardCastles. Music will continue to play a large role in some of my postings here. I may also be posting some recordings of my own in the near future.
Thank you to everyone that follows the site’s feed on Twitter. You’ve helped CardCastles get noticed by actors, musicians, comedians, artists, and writers everywhere. That was my dream, but certainly not my intention. You’ve thrust this place into the limelight of The Arts community, and I’m largely thankful to all of you for that.

*Cheers to many more years!*

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Past Celebrations:

15 replies on “A Cause for Celebration”

You’re so sweet. 🙂 I’ve been absent for a little too long – it was starting to feel like I was missing a finger! Glad to see you’re still around and active!

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Congrats to both of us, Dianne. You’ve certainly earned your space on the internet as well. 😀

& You know you’re certainly family here. You’re part of my “coffee club” on my little SleepySundays pow-wows.
How I love all of you so much. You’ve helped bring out a part of me that was buried deep under, that I thought had died. (But it hasn’t.)

That has brought me so much joy over these past three years, that I can’t help but continue.
*To many more*


I’m happy to have you a part of the gang now. You’ve earned your stripes here with the rest. Pretty soon, I may start leaving you guys the keys to this place when I’m away. 😉

Couldn’t have gotten this far without allof you. There’s two special people I’m really missing at my blog party this year, though. Both of them are a part of this as well, but thankfully we’re getting one back soon. 😀

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