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Sleepy Sundays: Light Rain

Light Rain Light Rain

The title of this work has a double meaning. The first being the obvious, weather-related phrase definition. The second goes a bit deeper. It’s meant to be a contradiction, or rather, blatant opposites somehow being fused together. Think of darkness and light together, sadness in a storm being shared with some colorful light.

Life is a series of ups and downs for all of us. My own has been no different, especially lately. The push and pull of these intense highs and unrelenting lows has left me a bit of a mess. The beauty of art is it doesn’t have to make sense. It just is, and oh what a “bella figura” can come from that.

This work was inspired by something my son said on our way home today. “It can’t rain all the time.”  He unknowingly quoted one of my favorite movies, The Crow.  

Are you a glass half empty or glass half full kind of person? Perhaps a little of both? Do tell. You know I love a good coffee chat.

Have a colorful Sunday!


14 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Light Rain”

I am a half-empty-type, though that may not be a bad thing depending on what is in the glass.

The Crow movies are M’s favorites, he just said so again last week. Netflix thinks we are the same person so I get a lot of suggestions based on that movie series. 🙂

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I’m a glass-half-full person. Someone once told me I ‘have a happy disposition’ and I didn’t know if this was a compliment or an insult at the time 😉

I absolutely love the fact that you listen to your son – not all parents are good at that. From the mouths of babes as they say….


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I could tell, Dianne. & I certainly mean it as a compliment. You have always been the one of the people that comes in & lifts me up during a rough time.

& You know my relationship with that little guy. He is my world. I honestly don’t think my heart would’ve been able to stay warm if he hadn’t been brought into this world.


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Glass half full, though I certainly have my half-empty moments! (Many of these seem to occur the same place, five days a week.)

I do believe it will be a glass-all-full scenario if/when my son says words from The Crow. 🙂

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I hear you, sweetness. I was a half-empty person for a very long time, but some change molded me into the opposite.

I know, right?! He shocked me when he said it. I have to admit, my eyes may have become a bit misty…
(Oh, how I loved Brandon Lee.) 😉

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