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Young Man Violently Carjacked in Norfolk, VA

Now, I know you don’t normally come to me for the news. Today is different. That’s because the person at the center of this story is a friend of mine, for almost five years now.

It upsets me to share this, because I know he reads this blog, but I want to see the thieving, sick person that harmed him be held responsible for their vicious actions. 

Here is the link to the article, along with the reporter’s interview, and some helpful information that might assist in catching the lunatic that did this.

News13: Delivery driver thrown from hood of car as it’s stolen

If you live in Virginia or anywhere in the US and you see this car, notify police immediately. 

Update 6/20/2015:

The car involved has been located. This case is a now an ongoing investigation. If anyone has any information please be sure to notify appropriate authorities. 

6 replies on “Young Man Violently Carjacked in Norfolk, VA”

Thankfully, I just spoke to him last night. He’s doing much better. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, though.

He’s so not bitter, Dianne. He’s not even mad. I can only wish for that kind of peace in all of us.
Our friends on the other hand, we all want this young woman prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are determined to help the police or the public find this woman.

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It is awful, Beth. My buddy is recovering now from so many injuries, shattered ankle, broken collar bone, just to name a few. Not to mention all of the cuts and road burns.

What I’m most appalled by, though is that there where witnesses and they just stood by as my friend called out for help, and no one did anything.
Excuse my language, dearest Beth for what I’m about to say but –
WHAT the fuck is wrong with people nowadays that you hear someone & see someone in that situation calling out for help and do nothing?
I’m sorry but this world were living in is broken. We have to fix something. I think it’s already too late.



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