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Sleepy Sundays: Sights


School is getting ready to let out soon for children everywhere. The sounds of them can be heard outside again. In the mornings, the birds are chirping loudly as the dragonflies begin to whizz by. Summer is almost here.

I took in all these signs and sounds while daydreaming last week. When I get into my own head, I can stay there for a spell. It’s difficult to distract me. However, the sound of a blimp floating by is not a common noise to these eardrums.

Upon leaving my thought cave, I managed to snap these two departing shots.

Have you seen a rare sight lately?

Have an insightful Sunday!

5 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Sights”

I was quick. 🙂
I felt bad that my son wasn’t there because he would’ve loved it. He hadn’t arrived home yet from school. So yes the pictures were a sweet little memory. ❤



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