A Message From Rarasaur

For those of you that have been following Rara’s story, you may know that she asked us recently to write thank you notes to some of the inmates and staff that helped aid her in her trying journey on the inside.

I got a beautiful letter from Rara today that I will share bits and pieces of during the course of the month, but more importantly she’s assigned me with a task.

Rara asked that I let anyone know that may not feel comfortable sharing their address, you are free and welcome to use hers


13681 Newport Ave #8-346

Tustin CA 92780

as a return address.

I want everyone to know Rara is doing okay. As best that can be expected in her situation anyway. Please keep sending her love. She apologizes for the delay.

She said she saved getting back to myself, Kozo, and Matt because our letters were the hardest to write. We were friends of Dave’s and she knows we miss him, like her.

Shower this little dinosaur, her friends, and the staff there with love for me. Rara so deserves it, and so do they, for taking care of our friend.

Please share this message out as well so friends writing in can stay updated.


4 thoughts on “A Message From Rarasaur

    1. She just updated her request today so you didn’t miss much, Elyse. She asked I do this for anyone that wanted to keep their address private. She was concerned that may keep some of us from sending Thank You’s.

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