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Paint On the Walls

Kiss the Sun

Kiss the Sun A friend called me up this morning to request my services. She wanted a piece for her living room area that overlooks and leads out to her garden. It’s hard doing the printing legwork myself, and not having a third party involved, but I have to say – working for yourself is freedom incarnate.

Who knew?

This is the digital sketch. I’m undecided on whether to go the expensive print + transfer to canvas option or simply use this as a guide and go back to one of my old loves – painting. I’ve showed it to a few people and they love it already. This marks my first sale completely on my own.

Whatever the future holds for my artwork, I want to thank all of you for always supporting me. I’ve still got a lot of categories and features to add before I become a business again, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is, when I’m good and ready, I know you’ll be there. That thought makes me smile.

An art teacher I had the pleasure of being schooled by back in elementary school once told me, “When you’re feeling crazy, throw some paint on the walls!” What she meant was: When you’re feeling scattered in that artsy mess of a brain of yours, let it all out. Let go of any insecurity and just let your hands tell the story. She’s fantastic person and one of my many inspirations to this day. This one’s for you Miss Phyllis.

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13 replies on “Paint On the Walls”

I love the different textures that come across in the work.

I need to take that advice, throw paint on the walls. Maybe even literally! 🙂

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It’s liberating. My aunt made a room all 80s punk rock one year. She did the whole room black & splattered pink paint in strategic areas. It was the coolest shit. We had fun with it. She even customized her blinds to look like that.

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It was. I miss that place she had. She’s in a bigger place now since she had my cousins. She still brought the funk with her kitchen, though. It’s this rustic-looking design with turquoise and a golden yellow that she sponge-painted on. You wouldn’t think it would work but it does. She has an eye for that sort of thing.
I say do it. Revamping rooms can be fun. 😀


P.S. As for the artwork, I did that with layering in a few of my programs but if I was to convert this piece to a painting I’d probably use some type of straw for her hat. Give it a little 3D effect. The ribbon too. I’d use a real one.

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