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Sleepy Sundays: Over


For months now there’s been uncertainties visible on the road ahead. We have to make a move. Is that not a perfect analogy for life itself? When questions and trials are thrown your way, it’s time to make your move – like a game of chess. We’ve been taking steps and paving new roads towards that move. Now the question simply is: Are we strong enough to handle all of the mess that gets thrown in our path?

It may involve some tears, and there may be some arguments, but I think we can do it. This chapter is over. Time to start a new one.

Is something coming to a close in your life?

Have a therapeutic Sunday!

2 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Over”

Thank you so much! All the artwork is usually mine unless otherwise stated. I’m glad to hear San Diego worked out. I hope our situation turns out as well. We already had to turn down 3 places. 😦

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