It’s been nearly three months since my Twenty20 gallery closing. I parted ways with the company for personal reasons and decided to venture out on my own.

Snapping Turtle Publishing is still being built into its beginning stages, but, shows promise, regardless of the circumstances. So why do I feel like I am mourning a loss? I’m still directing that question at myself daily. Perhaps it’s because my work is no longer up for sale. Maybe that small detail effects me quite a bit. After all, I can no longer call myself a “professional” artist if nothing is being sold.

The events of these past few months have been a considerable blow to my self-esteem. They shouldn’t be. Somehow, in the midst of all this, CardCastles managed to have its busiest week yet. Last week’s statistics presented 100+ views by the hour for 24 hours. (Was it something I said? 😉 )

Whatever the case is, I’m feeling somewhat lost; unsure of how to go on here. One thing seems to bring me comfort, though. No matter how scattered or naked I feel, you keep coming back. You like it here. You write me emails, you share my links on social media, you comment on almost everything here.

– And I love you for it.

Thank you for staying with CardCastlesInTheSky during these changes. If you can weather the storm, so can I. With all that said, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Sleepy Sundays post that will be up shortly. Get your morning coffee ready! I’ll be here waiting. Will you?


3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. From one artist to another, of course you are still a ‘professional’ artist! You sold things in the past and you will sell things in the future. So therefore you are a professional. Being a professional does not hinge on if you are currently selling art. If so, a whole lot of professionals would have to give up that title. 😉

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