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Sleepy Sundays: Strange Hope

Strange HopeStrange Hope

Normally, I give you a little background info on the piece being showcased. Today I’m going to leave you with some mystery and say only the idea for this piece came to me during a low, rather somber moment.

What symbol of hope have you seen recently?

Have a hopeful Sunday!

4 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Strange Hope”

I’m sorry to read you’ve hit a bit of rough spot. I know you know this, because you are strong, but you will come out of your rough spot even stronger. No matter what life throws at us (you and me), we find our way to a stronger spot. I love your artwork this week. It feels like life coming once again to something that was dormant.

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Symbol of hope seen recently: this.

No,seriously. It’s been a rough week, it’s nice to be reminded we can still think of something beautiful in the bad moments.

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What a sweet thing to say. That just touched me so deeply that something I’ve created could be considered a symbol of hope.

You are a gem in a land of ordinary rocks, my dear. So many of you here are. 🙂
I’ve been going through it myself lately hun, so I get it. Life can really kick the crap out of us sometimes.



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