Art Discussion

Sleepy Sundays: Serenade


Music is a subject you’ve gazed upon quite often here on CardCastles. What you may not know is, I have a background in it and I work with it from time to time.

Last week, a friend of mine suggested I lend my hand in some collaborative project where I’d get to play around with sound once again. I was ecstatic. As I laid out the audio plans, I was inspired. There was a loop playing in my head of a melodic lullaby. The soothing tune that floated through my mind started to paint an image as well. Those of you that know my art well, know I see pictures in everything. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to bring those mental images to life. Drift away with me, will you?

What is your favorite “night sight” or sound?

Have a serenading Sunday!


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