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Sleepy Sundays: New Growth

New GrowthNew Growth

My apologies go out to those of you that usually have your Sunday morning coffee here at CardCastles. Daylight Savings has my internal clock a bit off today so this Sleepy Sundays post is a bit later than usual.

Sleeping issues aside, I have a special treat for long-time readers here this Sunday. If you’ve read Mother’s Day Marigold and Brand New Friends, then the photo above may look a bit familiar to you. That’s because the tiny bloom pictured above is the “child” of the last one.

It was suggested by a friend to save the seeds of the original plant when they began to drop. Sadly, late last year, after almost two years, the old plant withered away and died. Then, early this year, something magical happened. A new little sprout began to flourish.

Monday of this week brought an even bigger surprise. Our tiny spout had grown and a flower began to show. Two days ago, it opened up to touch the sun. I got all sentimental. Wouldn’t you?

Someone joked that I may take this plant everywhere we move from now on, much like Leon from The Professional. I always liked him anyway.

Do you have something special that has stood the test of time?

Have a growing Sunday!

2 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: New Growth”

It has taken me far too long to leave a comment for this sweet flower, although I did read this when you posted.

This was really one of the sweetest things. The original flower your son planted grew really well and was so pretty. I hope you will have this flower with you always. 🙂

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He is proud of it too & that makes me smile. He did grow the original seed in class & managed to keep it a secret until Mother’s Day too. That’s big for a 3yr old. 😛
He’s 5 now & seems to understand & remember growing it & helping me tend to it. & It’s sweet when he asks “Mom can we water the flower?”

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