Blight and Blastoff

It’s been a sad last few weeks here at CardCastles. With the announcement of the closing and ultimate demise of my gallery and home décor store, the future seemed uncertain.

While the coming months are still unclear, there is something I am very pleased to (finally) reveal to all of you.

My gallery now has a new home!

There is plenty to tell about it, but I’ll save that origin story for the about section. For now I proudly present to you:

Snapping Turtle Publishing


The Launch Notes

  • There is still artwork being added & organized.
  • Same copyrights apply. (All artwork and photography is still property of myself and CardCastles)
  • Kinks are still being worked out. (There may be some bugs and glitches in the first few weeks.)
  • All art and photography is for viewing purposes only at the current time. (Nothing will be available for purchase until if/when a store can be set up. I know, I’m sorry everyone. This is the high price of parting ways with my former employers.)
  • Share! This is launch day! Help my gallery gain some exposure! Who knows, this could lead to opportunities with future vendors…



You will now be able to access my gallery directly via the Artwork page (just like before) here at the top section of CardCastles. Most promotions will be done on the CardCastles Twitter page. Any news or changes made will be updated there or on site.


Truth Is…

Behind the scenes, Snapping Turtle Publishing was actually created privately in 2013. It was my personal decision to keep it private until now. The site’s original purpose was to replace an old company a friend and I had created. The site was going to serve as a central hub for any traditionally or online published writing of mine and others, but the goals have changed considerably since then.

You can read more about the origins of Snapping Turtle Publishing on its About page, upon completion.


What to Expect for March

Last month the theme for February was “love”. This month, for many personal reasons you’ll soon discover, is going to be about loss, paying tribute, and ultimately, “remembrance”.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Lastly, as per usual, when I’m not here you can catch me and a bunch of other talented people over at Stories That Must Not Die.


11 thoughts on “Blight and Blastoff

    1. Well, in terms of selling, I probably won’t be doing that for a while. Not until I can find something that fits anyway. So, sadly, it may be a while before any of my work goes up for purchase again. 😦
      This is just for viewing purposes for now.



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