Leave the Lights On

Dearest Readers,

It has come time for me to make a decision. I will be taking a much-needed blogging break until January 2015. There are many reasons, but the main one has to do with my family. As I told some of you last week, I simply would like to focus on them for the holidays. We had a little health scare a few weeks back. Those events kind of brought things into perspective. It only seems right that I take a quick breather.

You may still be able to find me here:


I’ll most likely be checking in there and/or responding to comments. (I always love our discussions there. It’s like group therapy.) Come and visit us!

I’ll be temporarily shutting down Daily Daydreams and Sleepy Sundays. They will (of course) resume upon my return.

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy holiday season!

Leave the lights on for me!


14 thoughts on “Leave the Lights On

    1. I hope everything works out for you dear. I can sense your genuine kindness even through a screen.

      P.S. I think we all have the choice to enable/disable snowflakes in our dashboards as long as your site is on WordPress. If memory serves me correctly, it’s on the main settings page somewhere.


  1. Your presence will be missed, but it is so much more important for you to look out for yourself. I am glad you are recognizing that and making you a priority. ((Hugs))

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    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. 😦
      I hope you’ll stop back in when I return. You be strong too, friend. If you ever need a place to vent when it’s done processing…
      That site I referenced up there has been a great help to a large number of people. It really is like group therapy. It’s a way to share a story without being judged. So many have told us they felt better afterward.

      Email me anytime. I’ll let you know the details.


      1. I am lucky to have so much support in my life. From social workers to a therapist and great parents. I really do enjoy helping people that have gone through similar things as me or are currently going through similar things.

        I will be sure to check back when you do come back. Have fun with your family!

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