Sleepy Sundays: In Awe of Autumn

Vibrant AutumnVibrant Autumn

Nature is stunning when you just stop to appreciate it. I’ve highlighted this statement quite a bit here. On my way out Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t help but admire the setting November sun blasting through the reddish-orange tree nearby. An event like this is better captured on video but, I was in a mad rush of errands and motherly duties. Somehow, even a still shot reminded me of those colorful fans you see in artsy little “hole-in-the-wall” shops that speckle and glitter up this lovely coast I call home.

What has you in awe?

Have a vibrant Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: In Awe of Autumn

  1. I am constantly stopping and trying to take a picture to just admire the colors. Sometimes it’s embarrassing when I get caught, other times I just don’t’ care. The others don’t know what they are missing 🙂

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    1. When they catch you, just stick your tongue out like a 5 year old. Lol
      I totally agree. It’s like Mother Nature puts on this wonderful show for us. Some of us can’t help but take it in & become filled with joy.
      You just reminded me of this old movie called The Red Shoes. There is some fantastic imagery in some parts of it that show off the autumn palette. I’ll have to try & find a YouTube clip & post it here.



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