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Sleepy Sundays: The Dark Side

The Dark Side The Dark Side

Like it or not we all have a darker side. Humans are complex individuals with a mind-numbing range of emotions. Each aspect of our personalities cannot be easily explained. Sometimes unfortunate events or unsavory people can bring out the worst in us. Some of our darker sides are more aggressive, while some are simply withdrawn and full of self-loathing.

It’s important to acknowledge that darkness isn’t always filled with anger. There are times when the deepest voids and most shadowy of places can be felt while in a cave of sadness or depression. That is the feeling I was trying to channel in this piece. The character feels “locked in silence” and is clearly experiencing some stage of extreme emotional pain. I felt its “creepy feel” was perfect for this time of year with Halloween being right around the bend and all.

What is your emotional outlet?

Have a quiet Sunday!

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