Sleepy Sundays: Ghastly

Ghastly Ghastly

This pattern artwork was specifically designed for Halloween décor and greeting cards. You can view purchasing options by clicking the image itself.

It’s October once again and the end of the year draws near. There’s a child-like joy that bursts out of me when Halloween comes around, but that’s no secret to you. This is my busy season so I’ll keep this week’s Sleepy Sundays post short and sweet.

Do you enjoy Halloween? Are you attending any festivities this year?

12 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Ghastly

    1. Thank you, Elyse! That is sweet of you.
      & You just brought up one of the best fall pastimes ever.
      Ohhh, apple pies, pumpkin pies, cookies, you name it. I love opening up the windows and just letting the cool air roll in while the baking warms up the house.


    1. It is joyous, isn’t it? I just get sad that it seems not many kids trick-or-treat anymore. They mostly just go to parties now. The news scares the hell out of some parents about predators, tampered candy, etc.
      Can’t say I blame them. My son is getting older & I worry about him constantly. Still, I think it’s a tradition we should keep going. As long as we take proper safety measures, right?



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