Sleepy Sundays: The Chill

The Chill The Chill

The temperatures are starting to dip. Autumn is upon us. The days are still warm but, the nights are slowly becoming cooler week by week.

I love it.

I cannot wait until fall.

What is your absolute favorite time of year?

Have a chilly-chill Sunday!


15 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: The Chill

  1. Indeedie, I love this time of the year too! Beginning of Fall is a mysterious time, it hides its secrets.. Some of them can be revealed to us during a walk in suburban streets or in fresh forest ♥


    1. I hear you girl. Autumn brings a very welcome quiet into this area that I absolutely love. No noisy air conditioners, no noisy people, animals, insects, etc. Just a calm quiet & a little sound of the air through the trees. It’s like I awaken from sort of stress-induced slumber & become alive once again.
      See what you did there? You were totally Oprah & got me to open up. Next I’ll be crying on your couch. 😛


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