No Call, No Show, and Wait…You Still Have a Job?

Assorted CrayonsFirst days of any school can be nerve-wracking for most parents. We first sent our son to preschool two years ago. That first day brought a lot of tears, nervousness, and separation anxiety, understandably.

Kindergarten began for our son just a few days ago. The first day went off without a hitch. The second day, however, angered us to the point of no return.

Our little guy takes the bus to school like most kids. In the past this was never a source for concern. The maybe two or three times it was late, we did receive a phone call. This year my son was transferred to a new school (another story for a different day) that was somewhat closer to our home. We did some research. Apparently, this school does not have a wonderful reputation in this state. In fact, it is one of the lower rated schools when it comes to the state required evaluations put in place by our governor.

Transportation seems to match those reports. On the second day, the bus never showed. We waited, and waited, and waited some more. We never received a phone call. There was no explanation. When we called the district’s transportation supervisor, we were told to hold; that they were flooded with calls, and were soon directed to voicemail.

We had to drive our son to school; putting my fiancé’s job at risk. There is a different driver in the afternoon, so (thankfully) we don’t have to worry much about that. This morning driver is different. From day one he has been a concern. He came off as shaky and unsure over the phone the night before school started. He appeared even more in outer space on the first day. Then, on the second day, he was a no-show.

Seriously? The second day?

Not the middle of the year, not towards the end, the second day.

I am livid. I’ve haunted the school’s transportation department. We left a total of three voicemails collectively and one email. On the third day, we called again. A substitute driver showed. Thankfully, I knew her from the year before at the other school. She assured me my son was in good hands and I felt so much better.

This matter is far from over. Supposedly, this driver will be returning Monday. I’m not so sure I believe that. In fact, we want him fired. I don’t think I’m overreacting in the least. I don’t think anyone reading this will either.Girly Random button

About that third day when we called again: we never got a clear answer on what the hell happened. They simply told us that our son was definitely on the list to be picked up at the correct address. The only comment they offered up on the driver was that he “was not in” the day prior.

No shit. I thought I was imagining things. We only waited for about thirty plus minutes for him in the excruciating heat only to drag ourselves (kid crying, carrying on and all) to the car while getting into an argument over not having a second car, etc etc.

Here is (an edited to protect privacy only) copy of the email I sent to the transportation supervisor:


To whom it may concern:

My name is **** ****. My son is **** **** and just began Special Ed. Kindergarten at the **** **** School #**.
My question/concern is about our morning driver **** *****(I believe he said that is what his name was. We just met yesterday.)

We were told via phone conversation by Mr. ***** that pick-up time would be 8:45AM every morning. We were outside this morning at 8:25AM & the bus never showed up. If something happened, we understand, but would appreciate a phone call so we could make arrangements to get **** to school.

This was a huge inconvenience & also a cause for concern. We are now unsure of our son’s safe arrival to school each day due to the unprofessional nature of this driver. We tried to contact transportation & later left messages. We were told we were not the only parents this happened to today.

We would appreciate a call to address this matter.

Our home number: (***)********
Out/work phone : (***)********


The ******* Family


How would you react if this happened to you? Do you think we’re overreacting? Suggestions? Feel free to sound off on this one. I’d appreciate any feedback as this is still an ongoing matter.


16 thoughts on “No Call, No Show, and Wait…You Still Have a Job?

  1. While the driver seems unstable, I wonder if the problem is the transportation office itself? It was unprofessional, even if it is true, to just tell someone the person didn’t show up. So? That didn’t mean your kid didn’t need to go to school….they need to plan for these contingencies.

    I hope things stabilize for y’all soon!

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    1. I know – I mean, even if they cannot disclose that information, at least say something. I even would’ve accepted something generic like: “I’m sorry ma’am we cannot share that information for privacy reasons.”

      No reason at all, though? C’mon people. Get your shit together. Of course I’m gonna be pissed. My son is only five years old & his safety is a huge concern of ours.

      I hope it works out too. I’m thinking a need to transfer him to another school is in his future. We never had issues like this when he was at the other (better) place. I’m about a step away from homeschooling or private school. I haven’t reached the brink yet. It’s definitely a considerable possibility, though.


  2. I think you have every right to be upset. I mean, if something happened outside of that driver’s control which prevented him from coming to work or calling in, then they should explain those circumstances to facilitate understanding. I’m guessing the guy didn’t have a good reason for not showing otherwise they would have told you.

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    1. I’m thinking the same thing. & The first day when he did show – I was uneasy because his eyes were glassy & he seemed jittery. It could’ve been nothing but my mama alarms went off. I’m still haunting the transportation department for information on why this happened. My next step is going over their heads & contacting the Board of Education.


    1. They did completely have a whole blasé kind of attitude about it. I’m not that only parent that got extremely irate with them either. There was a whole busload of other children who also didn’t get picked up that day.
      Thank you for the well wishes, jaded sweetie. I really do hope this works out.


    1. That’s certainly true. I’m so torn over it, friend. I think that’s why I had to vent about it here. I’m not sure if my anger is justified 100% but, I couldn’t help but get angry.
      I guess I still have quite a bit of learning to do myself.


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