Sleepy Sundays: Night Lights

Night Lights Night Lights

For as long as I can remember, night drives have relaxed me. This weekend our little family went on another trip up to New York. We stayed most of the day, chatting and catching up with our loved ones. The ride back was the tiny lockets of time that dreams are made of. There was jazz playing on the radio as the city lights danced among the night sky. I couldn’t help but snap one photo while the music tickled and soothed my eardrums.

It was like a lullaby for us grown folks.

To go along with this busy, yet somehow mesmerizing photo, I chose an artist and song that was much like the music we had the pleasure of listening to on our ride home. It’s none other than the legendary Miles Davis. Enjoy, fellow dreamers…and be lulled on this Sleepy Sunday.

Miles DavisBlue in Green

Has a song ever hit you like a lullaby? What kind of music or particular artist relaxes you?

Have a jazzy Sunday!

10 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Night Lights

  1. Ahh beautiful! So cozy, as usual, putting us in such a wonderful mystic mood… I myself love night drives, pleasant juzz, night lights of the city in the distance…
    Feeling night cheel )

    Wonderful. Thank you dear ❤


      1. We really are connected by that mystic thread 🙂 Your creative work is often on my mind, I always link my friends to view your arts.
        Your blogs’ energy is really special. When I visit, I have a feeling of endless mysticism and relation to everything posted there, somehow 🙂
        Tight hugs and many blessings to you, as usual!


        1. You’ve always read me well, dear friend. You can sense how I am even from miles away and through a computer screen.

          That’s so strange you mentioned that about referring people here too – because I often refer people to you too! Many friends outside of the blogosphere always love what you have to say about the spiritual world.


  2. Night driving through the city is one of my favourites (as long as I’m in the passenger seat) 😉 I’m listening to your Miles Davis music while I’m eating my breakfast now 😀



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