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The Tale of Two Roads

“You need to find the fork in the road where you split.”

A wise individual once spoke these words to me. For those that may not fully understand my old friend’s city slang, allow me to translate.

It was a time in my life where mistakes became a daily occurrence. What my friend tried to convey was I needed to find the point in my life where I went wrong. I had to begin trying to correct that and everything else. Nearly ten years went by before the cleaning process began. I knew I needed to change. Life had beaten me down at such a young age. I sure wasn’t treating myself with respect either.

There was a bright end to it, somehow. I fixed myself; cleaned up my act. Still, we could all make improvements.

Lately, I find myself back at that same point. Even though I’ve treaded miles from the person I was before, I still need repair.

I need to find the fork in the road where I split. The staggering realization hit me that I still haven’t found it. Will I ever find it? Or am I doomed to the same dreaded existence I’ve known of so many others.

This is just my busy head speaking into typed words. This is a peek into my thoughts. My insecurities scream if I let them.



Author’s Notes: This is merely my way of venting. I don’t want anyone reading to worry about me. I’m doing fine. I’ve just been having a bit of inner struggle lately and writing has always been a coping mechanism. Writing is my strongest therapeutic tool. When you are going through something, try it out. You don’t have to be a writer. Journals/diaries keep us mentally healthy at times. Your mind is just as important as your body.

13 replies on “The Tale of Two Roads”

I totally understand this and cannot stress enough how important it is to write things down – no matter what they are. When I’m feeling like I should split I write pages of words that no one else could possibly understand, but it gets it all out!

The best advice ever: this too shall pass 😀


It seems more prudent (to me, anyhow) to get back on the right path first before you try to figure out where you went wrong.

Anyhow, I hope you find what you’re looking for, and if you need anyone to talk to, you can certainly reach out to me.


I know, sweetness & thank you for that. It’s an issue with finances & needing to move that I feel like is my fault. (Even though deep down I know it’s nobody’s fault.)
You are all right in your own ways. Not going back seems to be the common theme here amongst friends so I guess it is best that I just look forward.
Sometimes I just wish Oprah would knock on my door & say “You get a house!” lol One can dream, right?


That’s so true, Jackie. Sometimes I think I need to write this on my arms or something so I won’t forget. (Maybe I should get a tattoo someday. 😛 Haha!) I think I’ll be fine once we’re able to make a move out of this place we’re living in. A fresh start will help me tremendously.


That, my friend, is sound advice. I may not need to start completely over because it isn’t like everything is wrong but, I can certainly cut some aspects out that are weighing me down.

Thank you for your kindness. This was just a diary in a way but your words certainly helped. 🙂



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