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Sleepy Sundays: Red Sun

Red Sun Red Sun

When we’re on a road trip there are usually sights that tend to remain in your memory. These are the sights that make for great storytelling later on.

While on the way back from a family outing I saw a spectacular sight. That phenomenon was the inspiration for this art. A relative of mine and I were in deep conversation. Suddenly, I paused upon noticing a very large, beaming, reddish-orange sun off in the distance. Our planetary lamp seemed so unusually large it immediately demanded our attention. This was one of those rare occasions where you could look directly at it without fear of burning your eyeballs out of your head.

Below is an image I managed to quickly snap of this event. Sadly, my phone camera was not able to do it much justice. A lovely view nonetheless, right?

Red Sun_cr
(Click image to view larger)

In science this occurrence is said to be caused by any number of natural weather or materials. (Dust particles in the air, fog, excess humidity.)

In some older cultures of the world, this is said to be a “positive sign” that any hardships going on will turn the tide and a weight will be lifted from the viewer’s life. I sure hope that is true.

Have you ever interpreted something as a sign or do you lean more toward the science of things?

Have a sunny Sunday!

11 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Red Sun”

I see signs in everything! I actually laughed when I wrote these words because it sounds a bit silly, but it’s true. We’ve got to look for the signs because they are all around us every day. I don’t have a scientific bone in my body 😀

I love your picture – it’s absolutely stunning 🙂

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I try to balance things from both but, most of the time my senses take over. I see signs in most everything too.
It’s how I’ve been since a child & my senses rarely fail me.

They are indeed all around us. You don’t sound silly at all. Certainly not in the castle that glides in the clouds. 😉


Very well discussed. It’s amazing how we can interpret something in so many manners. I enjoyed reading it a lot
Keep sharing
It will be very nice of you if you could have a look at my blog when you have a moment, it’s always good to forge connection 🙂



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