My Little Superhero

Some of you have said your favorite stories that I share are the ones about my son. This is HIS story. I’m sharing it over at Stories That Must Not Die today because it had to be told. I hope you’ll pay us a visit, check out the STMND team and click that +Follow button if you haven’t already!

Stories that Must Not Die

From day one, my son has been a miracle. During five long years of trying – I thought having children may be impossible for me. Then, one day out of nowhere I was pregnant. After nine months it had been a healthy pregnancy. One night, that all changed. It was about two weeks before my due date and I was experiencing pain and contractions at the same time. Instantly, I knew something was wrong. A slight terror blanketed me. I had lost a child before. I checked myself into the hospital.

Hours of tests followed. The doctors and nurses didn’t even bother to do an ultrasound. It didn’t matter that I was insisting upon it. One female doctor even had the nerve to tell me it was probably gas. Since when does gas give you a shooting pain in your lower left side? Idiot.

They sent me home. About…

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