Sleepy Sundays: Cloud Hopping

Cloud Hopping

Cloud Hopping (Click image to view larger)

Although life can throw a series of curveballs at you, there is one aspect that helps a lot of us stay sane. It’s an emotion I’m almost certain us as humans are not the only ones to feel. Animals show signs of expressing it, plants respond to it, and (generally speaking), our world is happier for it. I’m talking about that complex but boundlessly elating feeling called love. There aren’t enough words in the universe to describe it. I could go on for ages speaking of the up and downs of it but, my Sleepy Sundays posts are meant to be short and sweet.

So with that said, I hope all of you reading get to experience a little bit of it this Sunday – after all, I just so happen to love all of you too.

To go with this wispy, whimsy, little artwork I’m adding a song from a few years back that not only goes fits this art, but reminds me of my love as well. We both always stop what we’re doing if we hear it come on. It’s an unspoken “reminds us of us” kind of song.

What was the greatest love you’ve ever felt?

Have a hopping Sunday!

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