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Sleepy Sundays: Wild Card

Wild Card Wild Card

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Ever since card games came about there has been the infamous “Joker” or “Jester”, as it was called originally. In some games, the Joker is referred to as the “wild card” for various reasons. A wild card in games is usually defined as a card in which the purpose is determined by the people playing. A wild card in life is usually explained as a person who has unseen motives or perhaps no motive at all, yet they provide a great strength or great loss (depends on the wild card!) to a group or people. Many alternate definitions exist for this term. Feel free to have a field day looking them up.

This piece was a bit of a freestyle for me. I had some trouble this week coming up with a theme that I was going to settle on. All that I knew was I wanted this one to be different. With that said, I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone every once in a while. You may be shocked and amazed at the results.

The above Sleepy Sundays featured artwork was partly inspired by my good friend, DJMatticus over at The Matticus Kingdom. He is one of my fellow STMND team members and ever since we were thrust into that group, a lovely friendship has blossomed between all of us. If you don’t know him already, I highly recommend heading on over to his kingdom and clicking that +Follow button. He is a brilliant writer and a kind-hearted, lovable person.

What is your wild card? How do you define this term? Perhaps you are a wild card too. Please share your stories. You know I love a good coffee chat!

Have a wild Sunday!

13 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Wild Card”

I have a bit of a negative connotation when I think of wild cards.

People say everything happens for a reason. And for the most part, I agree.

But I have found there are things that happen that have NO rhyme or reason. Bad things happen to good people. And I always think of those as the universe throwing us a “wild card.” We have a friend who got caught up in one of those wild card scenarios, you know?

I like your positive spin on it better.

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Life is one giant wild card.
That’s my summary. 😛
It’s good to have some predictability (a routine), keep track of things, expect certain things to happen, but in the end one can’t really know everything there is or have all the answers.
I’m going through the opposite, the older I am, the more aware I become about life not always turning out the way I planned it.

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I absolutely love your Joker picture, it’s one of the most unusual ones I’ve seen. A wild card to me is something that has been thrown into the mix (whether it’s a person or situation) and the results can go either way. I find the wild card to be scary and exciting at the same time 😉

I guess I’ve been the wild card at stages in my life, but that’s only because I haven’t know which way to go 😀

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My thoughts are similar to yours as far as definitions go. I think it’s neat that you were a wild card at some points in your life. We can’t always be all predictable.
I think I’ve been one most of my life. I’ve even been called one, leaning more towards the good outcome + strength than the bad. I’m usually two ways about everything & end up somewhere in the middle.


Like the pic of the Jestor. Stepping out of your comfort zone :/ ? I’m “crazy” impulsive, so I’m trying not to do anything abnormal like stepping out of my comfort zone. 😉

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We don’t have to do it all the time, Serin. Every once in a long while it seems to bring a welcome change.

As I get older, I’m the complete opposite of what you described, though. I think I spent so much time being impulsive when I was younger, that now predictability seems desirable.
Doesn’t mean I don’t go crazy still & throw a spanner in the works, so to speak. After all, I am an artist & we are generally impulsive. I’m also completely mad & fight with myself as you can see.

Thanks for hopping in. It’s much appreciated. 🙂


Change is as good as a holiday…… . Yes predictability seems desirable, but I get it. Occasionally it is nice to do something different. Makes everything a bit less mundane. Will hop in soon again. 🙂

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