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Sleepy Sundays: The Glowing Hollow

The Glowing HollowThe Glowing Hollow

Alright guys and gals, by now you know how we do this. Grab your coffee or tea (or whatever beverage you choose) and snuggle up for one of our Sunday chats. This week I’m showcasing another one of my art/photography hybrids. I went a little mad on the art half (in a good way, of course) as you can see. There was a vision in my head like that of a strange dream. That’s probably why this piece has a surrealistic feel.

Then, I got to thinking about all of you. Your new faces, the ones that keep coming back, and the friends I feel like I’ve known a lifetime even though we’ve never met, all helped me come up with this week’s question.

Have you ever stumbled upon something strange, out of place, or just plain unexplainable that you’ll never forget?

Have a glowing Sunday!

6 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: The Glowing Hollow”

The lighting effect was done by manipulating something the camera does in bright areas sometimes known as a ‘lens flare’. I just adjusted the colors of it in my art software to make it even brighter & appear like prisms too.


I’m always surprised where wildflowers may show up year to year. Not unusual, but it’s nice to see something growing where something wasn’t before.

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Oohh! That’s a great unusual thing. 🙂 My son and I (he’s 4) were just having a debate about this last week. He said “Mommy, the yellow flowers were over there last year. Why are they over here now?”
I love his randomness. It was like de ja vu (another weird thing) when you just mentioned it. Life is so wonderfully strange.



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